E-mail to skislippin@gmail.com  Lesley from Slough (consent to print given)

"Just wanted to say how amazing your product is ... I laughed every morning when I put my boots on in 2 seconds rather than the 30 minutes of tears and agony.."


'I am a keen skier but recently have developed arthritis in both feet which made getting into my ski boots really difficult and painful! Thank goodness for Slippins. They make the operation quick,easy and painfree. Am so glad I found them!'

Jenny Whitby, Leicestershire.




'When your knees are as bad as mine anything that makes putting ski boots on in the morning easier is a great help.  I can leave the boot room without being already exhausted.'

Martin Hannaford, Skimojo


16.1.12  e-mail to slippin

I bought a slippin at the Metro ski and board show in London. Ive just got back from my first ski trip this season and I used the slippin every day without any of the usual discomfort of getting into the boots. Problem solved!



20.1.13 Injury to my ankle this year, without slippin I would never have got my boot on.

One day I used 2 slippins, one on the front and one as demonstrated. Injured foot slipped in so easily. Pehaps I shouldn't have been skiing but hey ho!